Monitor Agent Connections Method

The sut status endpoint shows the status of agent connections. This lists all open connections and give you a glimpse of what is happening with each one. When no runs are currently executing, you will see a basic response showing a list of connected agents with the agent_name and port. When a run is executing, you will additionally get the process_id that is being used to run the engine, and an execution_status object containing details about what is running.


POST -> http://localhost/api/sut/status


Name Value
Authorization bearer <access_token>
Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Body Parameters


Possible Responses

Status Status Text Description
200 OK  
401 Unauthorized The access token was not valid

Response Body JSON

A typical response when no activity is under way:



"agent_name": "martin2",

"port": 5400,

"process_id": 0



A typical response when there is activity:



"agent_name": "martin2",

"port": 5400,

"process_id": 58914,

"execution_status": {

"id": "039c7261-9eda-45b3-a74a-441ba039dc09",

"modelname": "BBCSport",

"username": "",

"starttime": "2018-06-01 10:06:45.545359+01",

"endtime": null,

"type": "model",

"agentname": "martin2",

"initiator": "api",

"runid": null,

"status": "Running",

"processid": "58914"


"process_status": "Running",

"last_log": "Internal Error: Failed to open model input file \"BBCSport\"\r\n\r\n"



Name Type Description
agent_name Text The alias for the agent connection
port Integer The port used to connect to the agent
process_id Integer The id of the process that is running the Eggplant AI engine
execution_status Object Contains details of the associated run if there is any activity


Text Unique id associated with the run


Text The name of the currently running model


Text The email address of the user that was used to obtain a token


Date string Execution start time


Date string Execution end time


Text Either model or directedTest, depending on which was chosen


Text Confirmation of the agent connection name from within the execution_status


Text Denotes which platform started the run. This will always be API from the API


Text The id of the run report that was generated during the run


Text The current execution status of the run: Running, Passed, Failed, or Incomplete


Text A confirmation of the process id being used by the Eggplant AI engine


Text A confirmation of the running status
last_log Text The last line to be extracted from the logs


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