Getting Started with Eggbox

Eggbox is an appliance provided by Eggplant that includes a range of pre-installed Eggplant tools and related applications to immediately set up a test lab.

Eggbox Control Center is an application designed to help you manage your Eggbox applications. Use it to install and update the applications that you want to use with your Eggbox.

Included Applications

Eggbox comes with a number of Eggplant tools from the Eggplant suite and related applications pre-installed. While all tools are pre-installed, those that require keys must be licensed separately. To acquire licenses for any of the products included with Eggbox, contact your Eggplant account manager.

Network Ports Used

  • 5899 for Vine Server (for connecting to Eggbox)
  • 5900 for connecting into iOS devices over the iOS Gateway (must be different from the Vine Server port to avoid a conflict)
  • 5900-5999 for accessing mobile devices over Eggplant Automation Cloud

Additional Information About Eggbox

  • The Eggbox is named "eggBox" and shows up on your network with that name.
  • A user called "eggBox" will be pre-created on the appliance, and the system will auto-login as this user when started. The password is "TestPlant" and can be changed for security purposes.
  • Vine will be pre-installed on the device, and will automatically launch when the Eggbox is turned on. This enables remote connection to the device for setup purposes. The VNC password is "TestPlant", and this can be changed in Vine > Preferences. Vine will be set to run on port 5899.
  • If using Eggplant Automation Cloud with your Eggbox, you will find that the Eggbox is already configured as a router, with its own private Eggplant Automation Cloud network called "eggCloud". The password for this network will be "TestPlant" by default, and can be changed for security purposes.


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