SenseTalk Reference

SenseTalk is an English-like scripting language, which is used for developing scripts in Eggplant Functional, Eggplant's test automation tool. Read the following information to help you gain a thorough understanding of SenseTalk.

About SenseTalk: SenseTalk is a language for controlling your system under test (SUT). Read this information for an overview and a more in-depth description of SenseTalk and how it works.

Key Elements: How can I learn the most about SenseTalk in the next hour? Read this information for a one-hour introduction for experienced programmers and inquiring minds.

The Basics: To use SenseTalk effectively, there are a few basic concepts you need to understand. Read this information to help you gain a thorough understanding of values, containers, expressions, and control structures.

Objects and Messages: To fully understand SenseTalk and leverage its power, there are a few more concepts to master. Read this information to help you gain a thorough understanding of messages and handlers, and objects and their helpers.

Working with Databases: Read the following information to better understand how you can use SenseTalk scripting to work with databases.

Commands and Functions: SenseTalk supports many commands and functions to help you process information. Read this information to optimize your SenseTalk experience.

GUI Automation Commands and Functions: SenseTalk provides capabilities for interacting with systems under test (SUTs), which is particularly useful in Eggplant Functional scripting.

Local and Global Properties: These properties govern behavior both globally and locally within a handler. Read this information to understand handlers and how these properties affect handler behavior.


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