Eggplant Functional 20 Release Notes

The notes below provide descriptions of the new features and changes introduced with each release of Eggplant Functional. You are strongly encouraged to read about the relevant changes whenever you upgrade from an earlier version.

Potential compatibility issues are highlighted in RED.


Mac: macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13, macOS 10.12.

Windows: 64-bit distributions only. Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008.

Linux: 64-bit distributions only. Ubuntu 16. Red Hat 6, 7. CentOS 6, 7.


  • The optical character recognition (OCR) engine was updated in Eggplant Functional 20.0. This change might require you to make changes to existing tests that use OCR.
  • Eggplant Functional no longer supports Ubuntu 12 or Ubuntu 14 beginning with the release of Eggplant Functional 19.1.
  • Eggplant Functional will no longer support CentOS 6 beginning in 2020.
  • A bug exists in the MySQL Connector for ODBC 8.0 on Windows 10 systems that causes Eggplant Functional to crash when connecting to an ODBC database. The crash typically occurs when connecting for the second time. See the MySQL forums here for any updates on the status of this issue from MySQL. The only known workaround is to use the older version 5.3 connector instead.
  • Direct connections to Android devices using ADB from Eggplant Functional are no longer supported as of 20.1. Instead, use the Android Gateway.
  • Scheduler functionality will be removed in a future release of Eggplant Functional, as this functionality will be available as part of Eggplant DAI.

Release 20.1.0 (16 April 2020)


  • Adds auto-classification of UI elements based on a trained machine learning model:

    • A trained model now ships with the Fusion Engine to automatically classify elements on the screen during an Autoscan session.
    • Enables our users to get from autoscan to autosnippet generation for Eggplant DAI integration in fewer clicks.
    • This functionality is available on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. It is not available for CentOS.
  • Adds new color themes for SenseTalk, and improves organization of the Eggplant Functional Script Preferences:
    • Adds three new color themes.
    • Improves Eggplant Classic color theme.
    • Themes are now stored in a new JSON file that allows users to easily share their preferred syntax coloring across the team.
    • Adds Default, Background, and Token colors along with other text format controls.
    • Color themes can be modified in the Eggplant Functional Script Preferences Theme tab. Colorization of Feature Files, API test scripts, and Multi-Case If statements is not supported.
  • Adds support for Auto-Complete of Handlers and Helper Suites:
    • Adds support for predictive suggestions for Handlers and Helper suites in the Fusion Engine.
    • Auto-completion using drag-and-drop from the scripts pane to the script editor is not supported.
    • For more, see Auto-Completion.
  • Customer-Sourced Improvements:
  • Adds support for smart card authentication with RDP connections on Windows. For information about this feature, please contact your Eggplant representative.
  • Adds support for JapaneseModern language dictionary for use with OCR. Please note, issues displaying Japanese characters may occur if the appropriate fonts are not installed on the Eggplant Functional machine. For a full list of languages supported for use with OCR, see OCR Language Support.

Bug Fixes

  • Windows keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl + click and Shift + click now follow expected OS guidelines.

  • Ctrl + Shift + S now maps to Save As on Windows.

  • OCR now identifies text via FindText in some situations that worked prior to the 20.0 OCR update.

  • Dragging a tab in the Script Editor no longer causes a crash.

  • Arabic licenses are again supported.

  • Tags/Parameters are now passed correctly when a Gherkin feature is run from Eggplant Manager via the command line. If running Gherkin Features from the command line, any parameters passed in the command line call (including tests executed via Eggplant Manager) will take precedence over tags passed as parameters in a SenseTalk script.

  • Fixes an issue where RDP connections could not be established in some specific environments.

  • Attempting to make an RDP connection no longer throws an "ERRBASE_SUCCESS" error.

  • Fixes an issue where scripts could appear to jump when editing a handler.

  • Indentation of scripts now properly works on continuation lines.

  • SenseTalk no longer incorrectly warns the user of a proper try/catch block via Check Script functionality.

  • A screenshot can now be acquired during a long-running ExecuteWithTimeout Eggdrive call.

  • Image completion suggestions from a helper no longer include the suite name as an image collection.

  • The appearance of a pop-up while a VNC connection is open no longer crashes CentOS 7.

  • Opening the Output Timing Results no longer crashes on Ubuntu or CentOS 7.

  • JSON now throws an exception when sending non-JSON formatted strings to the JSONValue() function in SenseTalk, including incorrect boolean strings.

  • The JSONValue() function no longer accepts an empty string.

  • Fixes number formatting when using the JSONFormat() function in SenseTalk, so that it no longer puts the numerical values in quotes.

  • Fixes a SenseTalk hang in Windows when setting an incorrect value to defaultStringEncoding, defaultDataFromat, booleanComparison, or unitsMode.

  • A correct error message is now displayed to the user when an attempt is made to run a git pull and it is not possible.

  • Fixes a crash when skipping steps and using OCR in a Turbo Capture session on Windows.

  • Fixes an issue with Autoscan when running against a screenshot connection. It will now return non-DOM elements if the connection is not a tutorial SUT or phone SUT.

Release 20.0.1 (11 March 2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes several issues with OCR searches behaving differently than in Eggplant Functional 19.2.x.
  • Fixes an issue with the script editor jumping in position while typing.
  • Fixes some incorrect warnings in the Script Checker.
  • Fixes an issue with the Save As keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixes several memory leaks and crashes.

Release 20.0.0 (11 December 2019)


  • Adds new optical character recognition (OCR) tuning interfaces to help determine the appropriate settings to use for reading text and searching for text.
  • Upgrades the OCR engine.
  • Improves management of user-defined OCR text styles.
  • Adds several new timeZone tokens that can be used in date/time formats: [long timeZone], [short timeZone], [long timeZoneName], [short timeZoneName], [abbreviated timeZoneName], [timeZone City], [timeZoneID], [long timeZoneID], [short timeZoneID], [timeZoneISO], [long timeZoneISO], [short timeZoneISO].

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes various date/time formatting issues:
    • Changes the local time, long local time, and long dateItems time formats to use the new [timeZoneID] token instead of [timeZoneName] for displaying the time zone. This will display the time zone using the more universallyrecognized IANA identifier.
    • Fixes date recognition to be more lenient about how it interprets a date string using a given format, including being more flexible about spaces between elements and before and after a date string. The iso8601 format recognizes a wider range of date/time strings.
    • Fixes recognition of dates that don’t include the year (i.e., "March 16") to assume the current year.
    • Fixes a bug with the dayOfCommonEra function.
  • Fixes intermittent crashes that occurred when connecting to and disconnecting from RDP SUTs.
  • Fixes problems connecting to Eggplant Automation Cloud RDP SUTs.
  • Fixes some RDP clipboard problems.

Other Notes

  • The Text Image Generator (TIG) interface has been removed, but the underlying code remains for any users still relying on that functionality.


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