Quick Reference: Global Properties

The following tables list common SenseTalk global properties that you can use with Eggplant Functional scripts.

Eggplant Functional Global Properties



the CollectionFilter Limits image searches based on a specified string.

the CommandLineOutput

Determines whether log files are output when you run scripts from the command line.

the currentCharacterCollection Sets a default character collection for image searches that use the character property.

the CurrentTextPlatform

Sets the current text platform.

the DefaultCaptureScreenSize Sets the default screen size of the SUT at time of image capture for any images captured prior to Eggplant Functional 12.20.
the DefaultScale Sets the scale at which Eggplant Functional searches for an image, relative to its original capture size.

the DefaultTextStyle

Sets the default text style of the current text platform.

the DefaultUseMarkup

Determines whether supported text markups are used to format text images.

the FinalSuites

Sets the suite or suites that are searched for image or script resources after the script's own suite is searched.

the ForceScreenRefresh Determines whether Eggplant Functional refreshes the Viewer window after each command.

the HotSpotScaling

Specifies the behavior of the hot spot when image scaling is used.

the ImageUpdate

Determines the behavior of the Image Update panel during script execution.

the InitialSuites

Sets the first suite or suites that are searched for image or script resources during script execution.

the OpenTestCases Accesses information gathered up to that point by all open test cases.

the ReadTextSettings

Provides default settings used by the ReadText() and ReadTable() functions.

the RemoteClipboard

Holds the contents of the SUT clipboard.

the RepositionPoint

Sets the location where the mouse cursor is moved during searches.

The SaveRunLogOutput Determines whether the run log output from the execution is saved.

the ScriptAnimation

Turns script animation on or off.

the ScriptLogging

Determines how much is written in the log file.

the ScriptTracing

Turns script tracing on or off.

the SearchRectangle

Sets the area that is searched in the Viewer window.

the suiteVariables Sets suite-wide variables in Eggplant Functional that can be used in many contexts.

the TextPlatforms

Contains properties for all text platforms.

the textStyle Controls the default option settings for text searches.
the ValidateImageFound Determines the behavior of Image Update panel when ImageFound() returns false.

Run-Option Global Properties



the ForceScreenRefresh

Whether there is a screen refresh after every line

the ImageSearchCount

Number of times Eggplant Functional searches for an image in the Viewer window

the ImageSearchDelay

Time between image searches

the ImageSearchTime

Time spent searching for an image

the KeyDownDelay

Time between key press and release

the MouseClickDelay

Time between mouse-button press and release

the MouseDoubleClickDelay

Time between clicks of a double-click

the MouseDragSpeed Determines how fast the SUT's mouse is moved during a drag command.

the MouseMoveDelay

Time between increments of mouse movement

the MouseMoveMode

Mouse path to the next given location

the MouseMoveSpeed

Space the mouse moves in each increment between locations

the NextKeyDelay

Time between keystrokes

the PreciseImageTolerance

Maximum color difference allowed by precise image searches

the RemoteWorkInterval

Minimum time between executed commands in the SUT

the SendShiftForCaps

Whether or not Shift is held down for capital letters on the SUT

the ShouldRepositionMouse

Whether the mouse is repositioned during searches

the StandardImageTolerance

Maximum color difference allowed by tolerant image searches

the SwipeSpeed

The speed at which swipe events occur, expressed in number of pixels Eggplant Functional drags the SUT’s mouse in each step

the WebElementDisplay Whether WebElement objects display in long or short format


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