Point-to-point: Multi-link Configuration Example

As discussed in Setting Up Eggplant Network Point-to-Point Emulation, using more than one link allows you to set different network conditions for a single or group of IP addresses, applications, or VLANs. For example, you might need one client computer to experience a 2G network while another experiences 4G.

In the following example we have configured four links with different network types:

  • Computer uses the 2G Link.
  • Computer uses the 3G Link.
  • Computer uses the 4G Link.
  • Packets that don’t qualify for 2G, 3G, or 4G traverse the No impedance (Link 4).

P2P multi-link example diagram in Eggplant Network

To setup the above scenario we need to configure the Link Qualification Criteria for each associated Link:

Link 1 - 2G Link 2 - 3G Link 3 - 4G

Links 1 to 3 apply different network conditions for the three computers. Link 4 forwards all other traffic across a link which isn’t impeded. If link 4 isn’t defined then all other traffic would be dropped.

Link Qualification Criteria can be specified as a single item, range or combination of both and the criteria can be specified separately (IP addressing only) or together (a combination of IP addressing, ports and VLANs).

Important: Link Qualification Criteria is applied in both directions. For example, when specifying an IP address, it would use the link if it’s in the packet’s source or destination IP address fields. The same applies to the TCP/UDP port.


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