Prerequisites for Citrix Record and Replay

  1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio on the Controller. See Prerequisites for Installation for supported versions of Visual Studio.
  2. Install the Citrix Receiver for Windows on the Controller and on all injectors that you plan to use for Citrix tests.
    You can download Receiver from the Citrix Receiver website. Version 4.1 has been validated, but you might find later versions operate successfully. We do not recommend 3.x versions due to performance and reliability issues. The Citrix web plug-in is usually not sufficient.
  3. The first time you use the Eggplant Performance Citrix Recorder or Viewer, it attempts to create the registry entry described in Required Registry Change. Making this change requires local Administrator permissions. Without this change, record and replay will not function correctly.
    On injectors, you can create the entry by running the program CitrixRegistrySetup.exe, found in the Eggplant Performance installation\bin folder.


This topic was last updated on March 16, 2020, at 02:14:21 PM.

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