Required Registry Change for Citrix Record/Replay

On all Eggplant Performance Controller and Injector Windows Machines the registry entry described below must be set.

The program CitrixRegistrySetup.exe, in the product installation bin folder, called on first use of the Citrix Recorder, will create this entry provided you have administrator permissions.

On all injectors to be used for Citrix you will need to run CitrixRegistrySetup.exe or manually create the registry entry.  Both methods require administrator permissions.

Manually Creating the Registry Change

  1. Open the Window's Registry Editor (type 'regedit.exe' into the 'Run' prompt)
  2. For 64 bit platforms navigate to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\ICA Client', for 32 bit; 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client'
  3. Right click on the 'ICA Client' folder and select 'New' > 'Key' from the drop down. Name this 'CCM'
  4. Inside the CCM folder you just created add the following DWORD value (right click, 'New' > 'DWORD Value')

    Name: AllowSimulationAPI

    Type: REG_DWORD

    Data: 1

If this registry setting is not enabled, the virtual User will unexpectedly be disconnected from the Citrix server soon after the start of the test run. Usually a FatalCommunicationException ('Citrix client is not connected to the server') will be written to the virtual user's event log and the User's Citrix viewer will display the message 'Virtual Driver Error'.

The Citrix runtime and Citrix recorder will attempt to set this registry entry automatically, but this will only succeed if either UAC is disabled or the process is running as an administrator, however recent versions of the Citrix Receiver do not function when running as Administrator, reporting the error "Unsupported function".

For Citrix documentation on the Simulation API and this registry setting see here.


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