Licensing Eggplant Functional for Use with Virtual Users

To run Eggplant Functional virtual users (VUs), your injector(s) must include an installation of Eggplant Functional and be licensed using Eggplant Functional Drive-enabled licenses.

Each Eggplant Functional VU uses an instance of Eggplant Functional to communicate with the system under test (SUT). The Eggplant Performance injector automatically starts an instance of Eggplant Functional per VU.

Eggplant Performance includes a tool to make licensing multiple copies of Eggplant Functional easy. You need to run this tool only once for each injector on which there is an unlicensed copy of Eggplant Functional. After Eggplant Functional has been licensed, the injector can run Eggplant Functional VUs during tests.

Note: If you are using floating licenses for Eggplant Functional, see Using Eggplant Functional Floating Licenses with Eggplant Performance for information about this configuration.

Licensing Eggplant Functional through Eggplant Performance

Make sure that the Eggplant Performance injector software is running on the injectors you would like to license, and that Eggplant Functional is not running on those injectors, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Help > Apply Eggplant Functional licenses.
  2. In the Apply Eggplant Functional license dialog box (shown below), enter the Eggplant Functional username in the Username field.
  3. Enter the Eggplant Functional license key into the License key field.
  4. Eggplant Functional icenses panel in Eggplant Performance

  5. Select the injectors to which you would like the license to be applied.
  6. Click OK.

Using Eggplant Functional Floating Licenses with Eggplant Performance

If you are using floating licenses with Eggplant Functional, the injector must tell eggDrive where the licensing server is every time a test runs. In this case, you need to configure the location of the floating license server in the injector family properties as follows:

  1. Select the injector family you want in the Workspace tree of Eggplant Performance Studio. This displays information about the injector family in the main window.
  2. Display the Advanced Settings tab, and then the Eggplant Functional tab, and enter the hostname or IP address of the Eggplant Functional floating license server location in the Eggplant Functional License Host field shown highlighted below:
  3. Eggplant Functionall License Host field in the injector family properties


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