Check Run Progress Method

When a run has started, you can use the run progress endpoint to check the status of the run. You can use the id property that was returned in the result of your run endpoint. You can check multiple runs simultaneously by using the modelName parameter rather than the id parameter. You can limit the number of results returned by using the limit parameter containing a number.


POST -> http://localhost:8000/api/run/progress


Name Value
Authorization bearer <access_token>
Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Body Parameters

Name Type Required
id Text No, but either id or modelName must be supplied
modelName Text No, but either id or modelName must be supplied
limit Integer No

Possible Responses

Status Status Text Description
200 OK  
400 Bad request The required parameters were not sent
401 Unauthorized The access token was not valid
403 Forbidden The current user doesn’t have access to the model requested

Response Body JSON

Typical response for run progress endpoint:


"id": "cecaf3f5-c071-46b2-8918-924420e3f954",

"modelname": "BBCSport",

"username": "",

"starttime": "2018-05-31 17:00:01.366412+01",

"endtime": null,

"type": "model",

"agentname": null,

"initiator": "api",

"status": "Running",

"processid": "5637"


Name Type Description
id Text Unique ID generated when the run was executed.
modelname Text Name of the model.
username Text Email address of the user account used to get the access token.
starttime Text Time when the run started (yyyy-MM-dd
endtime Text Time when the run finished (yyyy-MM-dd .
type Text Type of run that was executed. This can be model or testcase.
agentname Text Name of the alias used in the Eggplant DAI agent.
initiator Text If the execution was run from the API, this will be api.
status Text Status of this run, which can be Running, Passed, Failed, or Incomplete.
processid Text The ID of the process used to run the Eggplant DAI engine.

Other possible responses are 401 Unauthorized, which indicates that you don’t have a valid access token in your Authorization header, and 400 Bad Request, which means either that parameters were unrecognized or that you were missing some required parameters. A description is provided with those responses to help you discover what went wrong.


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