Running the Agent in Command Line Mode

You can configure and run the Eggplant DAI Agent from the command line, without the interface.

In a command prompt window, enter the path to the agent folder, followed by eggplantAIagentCMD.exe, then press Enter. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\eggplantAIagent\eggplantAIagentCMD.exe.

You can also add any of the optional arguments listed below:

    Optional arguments:  
    -h, --help Show the help message and exit.
    -s SERVER, --server SERVER

    The Eggplant AI server you connect to, e.g.,


    -p PORT, --port PORT

    The port to run Eggplant Functional drive on

    default: 5400

    -e DRIVEEXEC, --driveExec DRIVEEXEC

    The location of the Eggplant Functional drive executable

    default: C:/Program Files/eggPlant/eggplant.bat

    -n NAME, --name NAME

    A name for the agent connection to be used in Eggplant AI settings. If unspecified, an IP address will be used.

    --ssl Use SSL connections to the server (default)
    --no-ssl Don't use SSL connections to the server
    --epfgui Start the Eggplant Functional GUI
    --no-epfgui Don't start the Eggplant Functional GUI (default)
    --debug Run the agent in debug mode (provides more messaging)
    --clean-epf Kill any struggling Eggplant Functional processes before starting new
    --no-start-epf Don't start Eggplant Functional; expect it to be already running on the specified port
    --design-mode Connect to the server as a Design execution environment. By default, this is set to Run mode.
    --token Pass a valid authentication access token in order to allow uploading and downloading of assets, and to save execution result logs to the server
    --suite-root-folder SUITEROOTFOLDER The full path to a folder. Eggplant Functional suites will be uploaded and downloaded as subfolders of the specified root folder.
    --retry-auth Retry authentication indefinitely


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