Execution Environments

An execution environment typically includes an Agent that helps you manage the interaction between Eggplant DAI and the Fusion Engine. You use an Eggplant DAI Agent to establish a connection between the Eggplant DAI web application and the Fusion Engine. You can attach SenseTalk snippets to actions and states in any Eggplant DAI model that's associated with the Agent so long it's connected and active.

Important: In order for SenseTalk snippets to execute, the Eggplant Fusion Engine must be installed on the same machine as the Eggplant DAI Agent software.

Adding Execution Environment

Before you start using the Agent, you must have an execution environment set up in the Environments tab.

To set up an execution environment, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Name of your Execution Environment where Eggplant DAI tests will be run.
  2. Note: The Agent can run on the same machine as the Eggplant DAI server, or any local or hosted machine that can connect to the Eggplant DAI server via the network.

  3. (Optional) Enter the full path to access the .CSV files for using with code snippets in the suite, e.g., for a .CSV file located on your desktop, enter C:\Users\Eggy\Desktop\.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The new execution environment appears in the Environments tab. You can edit or remove execution environments from this tab as well. Note that you can view and edit any agents created in any groups you belong to by clicking Edit via in the Actions menu.

    You can download the Agent installer from the Agent Tools tab in Settings menu.


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