GET Browser List

You can query the API to find out more details about the browsers within Eggplant Web Performance Analyzer (for tests that have already run, or for running a new test).


Method GET
Path /browsers

Realm: account_realm

Authorization: Bearer access_token



"results": [


"sref": "browsers/ch",

"shortName": "CH",

"longName": "Chrome",

"deprecated": false



"sref": "browsers/ie6",

"shortName": "IE 6",

"longName": "Internet Explorer 6",

"deprecated": true




Browser Parameters

Parameter Details
sref The self-reference path that describes how you request the specific browser
shortName The short name label of the browser
longName The long (full) name label of the browser
deprecated Boolean. Whether or not the browser is deprecated. If a browser is no longer available ("deprecated": true), it cannot be used for creating new job templates in Eggplant Web Performance Analyzer, but is included to describe the browser that might have been used for an older test, when the browser was available.


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