GET Network Speeds

You can discover network connection speeds by querying the API.


Method GET
Path /networkSpeeds

Realm: account_realm

Authorization: Bearer access_token


As well as the main results, the response will include a meta section that describes which of the network speeds is the default for the account. This is for convenience, so you don't need to iterate through the results to find the default.


"meta": {

"default": "networkSpeeds/1",


"results": [


"sref": "networkSpeeds/1",

"name": "Original 2Mbps",

"downloadKbps": 2010,

"uploadKbps": 190,

"latency": 0,

"packetLossRate": 0,

"default": true



"sref": "networkSpeeds/2",

"name": "3G",

"downloadKbps": 19200,

"uploadKbps": 128,

"latency": 0.2,

"packetLossRate": 0,

"default": false



Network Speed Parameters

Parameter Details
meta The top level meta JSON object describes the URI of the default network speed
sref The self-reference path that describes how you request the specific network speed
name The descriptive name of the network speed, as seen in the portal
downloadKbps The download throttle speed, in kbps
uploadKbps The upload throttle speed, in kbps
latency The additional network latency (round-trip time) added to network requests, in seconds (note that the portal is in ms)
packetLossRate The packet loss rate to apply to the network, as a percentage
default Whether or not the device profile is the default


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