POST Run a New Job

To run a new job in Eggplant Web Performance Analyzer, you provide the job template that describes the details of the job you want to run. This is the same process as when you use the portal.

Jobs are created with a POST request to the jobs endpoint. This creates a distinction between a GET and a POST to /jobs, which is necessary because jobs cannot be created without a job template.

To run a test for something that doesn’t have a job template, first create the template, then create a job using the new job template.


Method POST
Path /jobs

Realm: account_realm

Authorization: Bearer access_token



"jobTemplateUri": "job_template_sref"



The response includes the URI of the job that has been created. You can use the jobUri to find out the status of the job.


"results": {

"jobUri": "jobs/98765"



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