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Version: DAI 7.0

About Eggplant Roles

Eggplant DAI has two roles for users: User and Admin.


To have any access to DAI, users must first be added to one of two system roles, namely dai:admin or dai:user.

User Role

The User Role (dai:user) allows you to:

  • Manage your account details, passwords, including multi-factor authentication, and other session information.
  • Build models, share access to models you have access to, run tests, and view results.
  • View and use all agents.

It doesn’t allow you to see any of the menu options for administration features.

Admin Role

The Admin Role (dai:admin) gives you access to all the same features as a User. In addition it lets you:

Assigning Roles

During installation, an account with the Admin Role assigned is created. This account lets you create and manage the accounts of other administrators and users. An administrator must assign the correct role to each user before they can access Eggplant DAI.