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Version: DAI 7.0

Editing a Git Connection

If you need to update any information regarding your Git connection you can do this via the edit Git connection page which is accessible from the action menu on the Manage Git connections page. All users can update the Git connection name and also change the target branch or tag for the Git connection.

Administrators can edit the Git connection credentials which is useful if you have changed your password or moved your Git repository (repo). Once you have changed any details related to the Git connection credentials you will be prompted to test the connection to make sure the details are correct before saving the updates.

You can see the status of the last sync attempt with your repo.


Updating the target branch or tag for the Git connection can have unpredictable consequences. For example, test execution will result in an error if a script used in a test is present in the original branch or tag but missing from the newly selected one, even though the suite may still be visible on the DAI suites page. Proceed with extreme caution.

Requesting an immediate Sync of your repo

If you have pushed new suites or scripts to your repo and don't want to wait for the automatic background synchronization which happens every 5 minutes, you can click the Sync suites and snippets button. This will queue an immediate fetch request to your in memory clone of your repo so you can work with your new suites and scripts.