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Version: DAI 7.0

Synchronizing your Git repository with DAI

When you initially set up a Git connection, DAI performs an initial in memory clone of your Git repository (repo) to see which suites are available for you to add to DAI. This allows us to provide a list of suites you can choose from to add to DAI. We add this information to DAI so that we can let you choose which suites to work with when setting up scripted test cases or adding snippets to models from your repo based suites.

Once your Git connection is set up we aim to keep lists of available suites and snippets up-to-date by synchronizing with your repo on a cadence of 5 minutes in the background. This lets us provide you with an up-to-date list of suites in the Manage suites screen and also when you are creating scripted test cases we can provide you with an up-to-date list of scripts to choose from.

The 5 minute cadence may sometimes not be fast enough when you want to immediately work with a new suite or script from your repo that has just been pushed. You have the option of requesting an immediate synchronization from the Edit Git connection page. This will queue a fetch command that will be executed as soon as possible. A fetch command could take a while depending if a large amount of changes have been pushed to the repo since the last fetch.


If your access to the Git repository is revoked (e.g. your account is removed or disabled) then DAI will not remove the Git connection, the cloned file-tree or any suites that have been added. Indeed you'll still be able to add new Suites and select Snippets to add to Test Cases as before. Any attempt to execute a Test Configuration will certainly fail and we will display warnings when you Manage or Edit your Git Connections. Assuming your access revocation is permanent (it could just be as simple as your password expiring), you may choose to Delete the Git Connection.