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Version: DAI 7.0

Managing your Git connections

You can manage your Git connections by following the System > Git Connections link in the left hand navigation menu. A table displaying all your Git connections will then be presented, accompanied by the following information for each connection:

  • Connection name - the unique name for your Git connection
  • Git repository URL - the URL for your Git repository (repo)
  • Branch / Tag - the branch or tag that your repo is targeted to for this Git connection
  • Last commit date - the last commit date and time that we are aware of since the last sync we did with your repo
  • Last sync status - the status of the last synchronization attempt from your repo to DAI

From this page you can do the following actions:

Deleting a Git connection

When you delete a Git connection we also remove any suites from DAI that were associated with this Git connection. In addition, any model associations from these suites will also be removed from DAI. Only Administrators can delete Git connections.


If you have already set up scripted test cases, or have attached snippets to models using suites from a Git connection that you are deleting, these models and scripted tests will no longer be able to run.