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Version: DAI 7.0

Working with Git Repositories in DAI

Eggplant DAI offers the ability to integrate with Git repositories so that you can work with suites and scripts that you store in Git. This is an alternative solution to our internal storage capability that is included in the DAI Design Agent. We allow you to set up a Git connection, which is a combination of a unique name to identify the Git connection, the credentials required to access your Git repository (repo) and a targeted branch or tag from your repo.


Git connections cannot be managed from the DAI Design Agent

Set up a Git connection

You can set up a Git connection from your repo to DAI which will target a branch or tag of your choice. We test that we can connect to your repo then you can save these details and then begin to add suites into DAI. You can change your Git connection to target a different branch or tag but you can only target a single branch or tag at a time.

Manage Suites from your Git repo

Once you have set up your Git connection successfully, we identify which suites and scripts are available. This will enable you to then add suites into DAI which ultimately enables you to utilize scripts from within these suites to create scripted test cases and add snippets to models from scripts contained in your repo.


We do our best to keep in sync with your repo via background updates. This can also be expedited. More details can be found in our Synchronization page

Running tests

Once your Git connection is set up to target a branch or tag, we will always get the latest version of these files before running tests containing scripts from your repo so you can be sure you are working with the most recent version of your branch. If a test involves multiple steps, for example as part of a Test Configuration, DAI ensures the same version of the scripts is used throughout every step of the test.