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Version: DAI 7.0

Adding suites from your Git Repository to DAI

The suites that exist in your Git repository (repo) can be added to DAI so that you can start to use the scripts from these suites in your models and script based test cases.

After setting up a new Git connection, on the Manage suites page you can add your suites as part of the initial setup or you can come back and do that after your Git connection is set up. You can get to the Manage suites page via the Edit Git connection page via the tabs at the top of the page and also from the actions menu on the list Git connections page.

After initial setup, there will initially be a slight delay while we clone and parse the file structure of your repo and identify which suites can be added into DAI.

Once we have identified which suites you can add to DAI, you can choose a suite via the dropdown labelled Choose a suite. Once your suite is selected, click the Save button to add the suite to DAI. By adding a suite to DAI, we store the name and relative path of your suite so we can synchronize with it enabling you to choose scripts from your repo when creating script based test cases.

Once you have suites added to DAI, you will see a list of the suites that have been added. You can remove these suites from DAI by clicking the trash icon to the right of each suite.


Suite names must be unique in DAI. This might mean you need to rename your suite folders to get around this constraint.