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Version: DAI 7.0

Test Result View

To open this view, click on any ID shown within Test Results.

All Runs

Every test result includes the following details:

  • Start time
  • Status
  • A link to the execution environment used for the test run (Displays None if no execution environment was used)

The test status can be Passed, Failed, Error, Cancelled, or In Progress.

Logs Tab

Displays logs specific to your test run. These logs look similar to the logs that appear when you execute a model. Click Export CSV to download the test results in CSV format.

Screenshots Tab

This tab displays any screenshots taken during the selected test run. This is especially handy when trying to identify a failed step in your testing workflow. Each screenshot includes an option to view the full size image or to download the image.

Script Runs

The following information is displayed for a script run in addition to what is shown for all runs:

  • Script name
  • Suite name
  • Link to a Test Case (if this was a scripted test case run)

Model Runs

When relevant to the model-based test result, this information is displayed in addition to what is shown for all runs:

  • Model name
  • Test case name or "Exploratory"
  • Duration

Model runs also come with some features outlined below.


Any finished model run displays a Run button. Click Run to go to Live Run. The corresponding model is preselected in the Live Run form.


Both Scripted and Model runs contain steps. For model-based test runs, each step corresponds to a triggered action within the model. For script-based test runs, a step is a discrete script executed in the test run.

Each step can have one of the following statuses:

  • Passed - Green
  • Failed - Red
  • Error - Yellow
  • Incomplete - Gray

State transitions occur before steps that trigger an action in a state other than the current state.

Steps are represented in the areas listed below.

Steps Tab

The Steps tab displays the sequence of the path taken through your application for the selected test result. Each step includes an action name, type, and step number. Steps originating from global actions are prefixed with "Global".

State Transitions

State transitions are represented here by an element between steps that includes a state name. The state transition color corresponds to the type of state within the model, whether it is a start type or a normal type state. When a state has a snippet then every state transition in the step list for that state shows a snippet icon on the right side.


When the step list contains a submodel step then the step following the action that triggers the submodel shows a Test ID that you can click to view the submodel test result.

Model Elements

The model is rendered with indications that highlight actions triggered during the test. If you removed or renamed model elements after generating a Test Result and the test was run prior to using DAI 6.0 then the Test Result may not be rendered.


The model elements appear different than when editing a model. You can learn more about this change here.

Any actions and states that are not triggered during the test appear faded. Actions show one or more numbers that correspond to the steps within which they were triggered. Only the first three step numbers show if an action is triggered more than three times. The indicator color corresponds to the most recent status of the most recent step. For example, if an action is triggered by steps 3, 7, and 10 then the indicator containing all three numbers is red if the action fails on step 10, even if it passed on actions 3 and 7.

Step Logs

For model runs, logs messages display an indicator to the left that contains a step number. These are the log messages that were generated since the beginning of that step.

Log messages originating from snippets are indented.

In Progress

While a model test is in progress, the view automatically updates with new information including the following:

  • Adding steps to the list of steps
  • Adding indicators to canvas
  • Adding log output to the Console

Logs are gradually output to the Console for an In Progress run. The Console is not shown for a finished run. However, the same log output for the entire run is available in the Logs tab.

When a submodel is triggered the view remains on the parent model.

The Abort button appears only for In Progress tests. When the Abort button is clicked, the test attempts to cancel. It is possible for a test to still finish if the cancel request occurs too close to the test conclusion.