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Version: DAI 7.1

Setting up a Git Connection

To set up a Git connection, you need to provide the following information:

  • Git connection name A unique name to identify your Git connection
  • Repository URL The unique HTTP(S) URL for your Git repository (repo). This must be a HTTP(S) URL rather than an SSH URL. Embedding the username and password directly in the URL is not supported.
  • Username The username for your Git provider account.
  • Password/Token The secret to be used for establishing connections with your Git repository. In most instances, this wouldn't be the password for a personal account. Rather, you will input a static credential, such as a personal access token, specifically tailored for your Git provider account. As many Git service providers have discontinued the use of end-user passwords, ensure your chosen credential is compatible with server-side applications. Please be aware that multi-factor authentication is not supported.

There is a known issue with the connection failing when copying the URL directly from Azure DevOps' clone dialog. This is due to the embedded username or organisation name in the URL. Ensure the URL does not include a username or password preceding the hostname with a @ character.

Security Note

We urge all users to be security conscious and adhere to the best security practices. Please consult your Git provider's documentation on how to generate credentials that are least-privileged, repository-scoped, and read-only to minimize the risks to your organization. If you are unsure how to proceed, contact your organization's security team or Keysight Eggplant Support.

The credentials will be stored encrypted in DAI.

Once this information has been provided click the Test Connection button to validate your credentials.

If your connection attempt was successful, choose the branch or tag from your repo that includes the verions of the suites you want to use with your tests. Once you have done this you can press the Save & continue to suite selection button to start adding suites from your repo to DAI.

Only Administrators can set up and delete Git connections in DAI. Users can edit the name or branch of a Git connection, but not its username, password, or URL.


Your Git connection name and repository URL must be unique within DAI.