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Version: DAI 7.2

Abort Model Execution

You can stop a model run by sending the execution_id to the Abort Execution endpoint. If the ID is recognized, the response has a status of 204 and the process to stop the model run is triggered.


DELETE -> http://localhost:8000/execution_service/api/v1/executions/{execution_id}

You can also explore the Abort Execution endpoint in Swagger:

http://localhost:8000/ execution_service/docs#/Execution/abort_execution_execution_service_api_v1_executions__execution_id__delete


Authorizationbearer <access_token>

Body Parameters

execution_idstringID of the model execution that is in progress.Yes

Possible Responses

StatusStatus TextDescription
204Successful responseProcess to stop model execution is triggered.
400Bad requestRequired parameter was not sent.
401UnauthorizedInvalid credentials were provided.
403Access deniedServer denies access to the resource.
422Validation errorIncorrect parameter was sent.
503RabbitMQ is not availableRequest cannot be completed because the message service is unavailable.