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Version: DAI 7.2

Ordering and Generating Eggplant Licenses

This page describes how to order products, add entitlement licenses to your account, and redeem licenses.

Ordering Products

Work with your Account Representative or Customer Success Manager to order the DAI product bundles you need. See Choosing DAI License Bundles for information about DAI product bundles.

Using Keysight License Manager (KSM)

When you order DAI and EPF products, Keysight emails you an entitlement certificate for each product. You then use the Keysight Software Manager (KSM) to add the certificate to your account and then redeem your license. KSM is a self-service license management portal for all Eggplant products. From here, you can:

See KSM Overview for more information.

Adding New Entitlement Certificates in KSM

The Keysight entitlement certificate contains an order number and certificate number at the top of the certificate. Add the certificate and order numbers for each of your products to your account in KSM by following the steps below. You can find more information by following the links to the KSM instructions for each task. The email that contained your certificate may also have instructions you can follow.

  1. Navigate to KSM to add the entitlement certificate and order number from your email.
  2. Enter the certificate and order number for your product. If you have more than one product, you need to repeat this process for each product. See Add new entitlement certificates to your account for more information.

Redeeming Licenses in KSM

You can redeem your licenses in KSM after you enter your entitlement certificate and order number.

  1. Navigate to KSM to redeem your license.
  2. Redeem your license as described in Redeem licenses.

For information about applying redeemed licenses in DAI, see the Adding and Removing DAI Licenses. For information about applying redeemed licenses for EPF, see Licensing Egplant Functional.