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Version: DAI 7.2

Editing a Git Connection

If you need to update any information regarding your Git connection you can do this by following the System > Git Connections link in the left hand navigation menu to reach the Manage Git connections page, and clicking the Edit action menu option on the desired connection. All users can update the connection name, change the desired target branch or tag, and import suites.

Administrators can edit the Git connection credentials which is useful if you have changed your password or moved your Git repository (repo).

Changing your Git connection details

Once you change any Git connection authentication details, you will be prompted to test the connection to make sure the details are correct before being allowed to save the updates.


Updating the target branch or tag for the Git connection can result in test execution errors if a script or suite used in the test was present in the original branch or tag but is missing from the newly selected one. This happens even though the suite is still visible on the DAI suites pages.

DAI keeps a static record of the file paths for those suites, and the runner expects them at runtime. However, DAI will not warn you that they are missing on your current branch, or try to automatically update their file paths for you. You should proceed with caution when switching branches, moving files around, or renaming them as that requires unlinking and reimporting suites at present, which is a destructive operation.

Last sync attempt

On this page, the Last sync attempt shows the timestamp of when DAI last attempted to synchronize the list of files from your repo. The page can be refreshed to show the date of the most recent attempt.

Requesting an immediate Sync of your repo

If you have pushed new suites or scripts to your repo and don't want to wait for the automatic background synchronization which happens every 5 minutes, you can click the Sync suites and snippets button. This will queue an immediate request to fetch the latest list of suites and scripts available from your repo on that branch or tag. Note that the page needs to be refreshed after pressing the button for the status to get updated.