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Version: DAI 7.2

Adding suites from your Git Repository to DAI

The suites that exist in your Git repository (repo) can be added to DAI so that you can start to use the scripts from these suites in your models and script based test cases.

After setting up a new Git connection, you will be taken to the Manage suites page where you can add your suites as part of the initial setup or you can come back to it later after saving your Git connection. You can get to the Manage suites page at any time via the Edit Git connection page via the tabs at the top of the page and also from the actions menu on the list Git connections page.

After initial setup, there will be a slight delay while we clone and parse the file structure of your repo and identify which suites can be added into DAI.

Adding a suite

Once your Git connection is verified, you can add your suites from it to DAI by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Git connection's Manage suites tab.
  2. Click Add a Suite.
  3. Click the dropdown label that appears saying Choose a suite.
  4. Select a suite.
  5. Click Save.
  6. You can now use these suites to configure your DAI tests.

Once you add a suite, DAI synchronizes it regularly with your Git repo so you can choose the latest scripts from the suite when you create script-based test cases.

Once you have the suites added to DAI, you can navigate to the Designer -> Suites page and you will see them added to the list of suites.


Suite names must be unique in DAI across both its internal storage and all Git connections. If a suite with the same name already exists in DAI's internal storage, we will not display it as an option in the dropdown. This might mean you need to rename your suite folders to get around this constraint. Note that if you delete an existing DAI suite, you will lose data related to that suite.

Removing a suite

You can remove suites added to DAI from a Git repository by clicking the garbage icon to the right of each suite on the Git connection's Suite management page or via the Unlink option in the Designer > Suites page.


Unlinking a suite imported from a repo will result in a cascade removal of all tests using that suite. If you have already set up scripted test cases, or have attached snippets to models using suites from a Git connection that you are deleting, these scripted tests will be deleted and these models will no longer be able to run.

On helper suites

Your helper suites must be located in the same repo as your main suite and each helper suite must be individually imported for its snippets to display when configuring your test cases. DAI does not support loading suites from multiple repositories for a single test configuration.