Using the Connect Command with Eggplant Automation Cloud SUTs

You can use the command line to connect to Eggplant Automation Cloud SUTs. Note that the connect command is available only through Eggplant Functional; you can't use this method with Eggplant Manual.

To connect to SUTs in Eggplant Automation Cloud with the connect command, pass a parameterized list including information about the type of SUT you want to connect to.

Any value specified for a given parameter must match the specification in Eggplant Automation Cloud exactly. For instance, if a device is entered in Eggplant Automation Cloud as running "OsX," it cannot be specified as "OS X" when you run the connect command.

At least one of the following parameters is required in order to make this kind of connection:

  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the device as recorded in Eggplant Automation Cloud; e.g., Apple.
  • Model: The model of the device as recorded in Eggplant Automation Cloud; e.g., iPhone.
  • OS: The operating system of the device as recorded in Eggplant Automation Cloud; e.g., iOS.
  • osVersion: The operating system version as recorded in Eggplant Automation Cloud; e.g., 6.0.2.

Other parameters:

  • SUT Tags or Meta Tags. Any user-defined tags associated with devices as recorded in Eggplant Automation Cloud. These tags must be specified as part of a sub-property list as shown in the third example below.


Connect (manufacturer: "Apple", model:"Macbook", os:"OsX")

Connect (manufacturer: "samsung", metatags:(tag1:"value2"))

Connect (model: "macbook", metatags:(Team:"QA1", Location:"Los Angeles"))

Note: Only devices that match all specifications exactly will be reachable with this method of connecting. The phrasing must match exactly, but the matches are not case-sensitive.
Note: Connections will be attempted to the first device matching the specifications exactly, as listed in Eggplant Automation Cloud. If no device is found that matches these specifications, or if no matching devices are available for connection, the connection will fail and one of the standard connection failure messages will be returned.

For more information about the connect command, see SUT Information and Control.


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