Port Configuration for TLS Setup

All communication between the Team License Server (TLS) and Eggplant Functional Floating Licenses takes place on UDP port 5538. Make sure that both machines are accepting two-way communication on that port, and that the port is not being used by any other processes.

If any of the Eggplant Functional machines are on a different subnet than the Team License Server (this can be determined by looking at the IP addresses of the different machines) then some extra configuration is required. You must specify the external IP address of the Team License Server Machine in the Licenser Host field of the Eggplant License Registry panel. This must be done on every Eggplant Functional machine that is on a different subnet.

Eggplant License Registry window

The Licenser Host Field

Depending on the network configuration, it may also be necessary to configure port forwarding of UDP port 5538, which is something that normally has to be undertaken by a network administrator. We cannot provide specific details on how to perform this configuration, because it is dependent on network topology and the specific network hardware in use.


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