Android Gateway 7 Release Notes

The notes below provide descriptions of the new features and changes introduced with each release of Android Gateway. You are strongly encouraged to read about the relevant changes whenever you upgrade from an earlier version. Potential compatibility issues are highlighted in RED.

You can get the latest version of Android Gateway from the Eggplant downloads page.


Runs on: Windows 11 and Windows 10; macOS 12, macOS 11, macOS 10.15, macOS 10.14, macOS 10.13; RedHat 7; CentOS 7; Ubuntu 16.

Connects to: Android 5.0 and later. Minimum API version 21

Supported browsers: Recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge

Ports: HTTP: 32000; TCP 5900-5950 (VNC); TCP 8100-8150 (WebDriver)

Requirement: Connection to Eggplant Studio (Fusion Engine) 22.1


7.0 (25 April 2022)


  • Introduces the Keysight VNC Server for Android:
    • Provides connectivity to a wider range of devices
    • Improves platform stability
    • Addresses reliability issues
    • Supports the testing of Android 12 devices
    • Provides a new keyboard to support text entry
    • Provides wakelock support to keep the device turned on during automation
    • Supports automation workflows that involve locking and unlocking the device.

Bug Fixes

  • Fully supports automation testing on Samsung Galaxy A20e and HHT devices.
  • Supports spaces in application (.app) file names. For example, Android Gateway 7.0.
  • A "SystemNative2 failed for device..." error no longer prevents automation testing.
  • The SenseTalk Disconnect command no longer puts automation into an error state after killing SystemNative2.
  • The SenseTalk RemoteClipboard function no longer returns an empty string when text is copied from the device under test.
  • Resolves an issue where a single black pixel was displayed in the upper-left area of screens on certain devices.
  • Removes erroneous screen taps from scripted swipe commands.
  • Devices no longer go into an error state when they are inactive for more than a day.

Known Issues

  • App testing using Webdriver is not yet supported. Support is planned in an upcoming release, including:
    • Mobile DOM matching of elements to selectors.
    • Autoscan.
  • Pinch functionality is disabled in this release. PinchIn and PinchOut commands with scaling executed in the wrong location. Support is planned in an upcoming release.
  • Scaling of screen displays on HUAWEI Mate 20 devices is not working correctly. Support is planned in an upcoming release.
  • Press and hold behavior is misinterpreted as a tap. Support is planned in an upcoming release.
  • Scaling is not the same pixel by pixel as in the previous release. Images may need to be recaptured.
  • Scripts may need to be modified due to the following issues:
    • The SetDeviceOrientation command no longer waits for the new orientation before proceeding.
    • The KillApp command throws an exception of the app under test is not running.


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