Comparing Results in Eggplant Manager

Eggplant Manager can directly compare result log files and highlight differences between test runs for use in debugging and result examination. Log files of different test runs can be compared on the Results page.

Step by Step: Comparing Results

To compare two result log files, navigate to the Results page in Eggplant Manager, and follow these steps:

  1. Select two test runs from the run history table at the top of the page by using the checkbox to the left of each run.

    Select two test runs in the table view of the Eggplant Manager Results page

  2. Click in the browser on the lower section of the Results page to select two log files that you want to compare.

    Two selected script log files in the browser of the Eggplant Manager Results page

    Typically, you want to select the same script in two different test runs. However, if you ran multiple instances within a test run, you could compare different runs of a script over different instances within a single test run.

  3. Right-click one of the selected log files and choose Compare Selected.
  4. In the detail pane, you will see both log files displayed. Differences between the log files are highlighted in red for comparison purposes.

    Differences in log files are highlighted red for comparison in the side-by-side view


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