Displaying Eggplant Network Data Graphs

Once an emulation is running, users can select Graphs from the menu on the left sidebar and choose what types of graphs to display. These display data in each direction of flow against time. Both directions of data flow are displayed by default, but each direction can be filtered for selection.

Selecting Graphs to Display

From the Emulation Graphs page, click Add Graph to open the Select Graphs dialog:

Select Graphs dialog in Eggplant Network

Select the graphs you want to display, then click OK. This brings up the required graphs on the page.

For each graph, to filter one direction of data, click on the required Data Flow diagram. The points for the direction selected disappear from the graph. Click again to bring that direction of data flow back on display.

Graphs are fixed to 20 data points.

If an emulation scenario has multiple links, a set of graphs can be selected for each link and added to the display. In this case, select the link name from the drop-down box, then select the desired graphs for that link. Click Add Graph again to select another link and the graphs required for this link.

Note: The graph height can be extended by clicking the three small dots at the bottom of the graph and dragging the line downward.

You can also load and run a similar emulation scenario without stopping and starting and without having to recreate the graphs. Click Load & Update to see a list of similar scenario files. Select and load one of these similar scenarios, and the graphs repaint to reflect the change.


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