The Eggplant Network Emulator

The Eggplant Network Emulator is a network emulator that features a pictorial web GUI with self-configuration capability.

All Emulator models support multiple links and dual-hop/last mile capability.

Dual-Hop capability allows the Emulator to recreate a data center-to-data center-to-home scenario, for example.

Last Mile capability allows the Emulator to recreate a WAN between offices combined with a Wi-Fi link at one of the offices as an additional impairment in the data path.

All Emulator models support multiple simultaneous users; users can collaborate on configurations and view output graph results.

All Emulator appliances have two pairs of ports (ports 0 & 1 and Port 2 & 3), though the use of ports 2 & 3 is model-dependent (a license key option).

Some models allow two users to simultaneously run independent network emulations across different port pairs; this can be a more cost-effective option than separate dedicated appliances.

Eggplant Network Emulator front ports diagram

Note: Emulation capabilities are determined by the Emulator’s license key.

End User License Agreement

The Emulator requires an Administrator user to agree to and adhere to the End User License Agreement (EULA).

The License Agreements dialog window pops up on initial administration login. It is only possible to log in when the administrator clicks Accept. A copy of the EULA can be viewed from this dialog window.


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