Eggplant Network Standard Impairments List

The following table describes the standard impairments you can apply in Eggplant Network.

Impairment Description
Link Speed Control From 1bps to 1Gbps (depending on model) in 1bps increments.
Congestion Control Set Link congestion as a % of the link capacity.
FIFO Queueing Queue size from 0 bytes to 1MB in 1 byte increments.
RED (Random Early Drop) Queuing Control RED upper and lower bounds.
Random Packet Loss Set maximum and minimum % losses to nearest 10-9 %.
Poisson Packet Loss Set Interval (in ms), Mean Loss (Packets per interval) and Standard Deviation.
Burst Loss Control normal loss % as well as a (higher) burst loss %, specifying burst frequency and duration times.
Steady (1 in X) packet loss Set X from 1 to 1019 in increments of 1.

Packet Loss – based on Steady Bit error

Based on Steady Bit Error 1 in X - Set X from 1 to 1019 in increments of 1.
Steady Bit Errors (BER) 1 in X Set X from 1 to 1019 in increments of 1.
Random Bit Error (between 1 in X and 1 in Y) Set X and Y from 1 to 1019 in increments of 1.
Burst Error Rate As per Steady Bit Errors, with ability to “burst up” to a higher error rate for a specified duration and frequency (to nearest nanosecond).
Random Drop With Burst Specify percentage loss and minimum and maximum number of packets to drop.
Fixed Delay/Latency Set delay to fixed value in nanoseconds (ns) up to 10 seconds (or more).
Random Delay/Latency (Jitter) Set delay between minimum and maximum (10 seconds) values in milliseconds or nanoseconds to nearest nanosecond.
Gaussian (Normal Distribution Delay/Latency) With optional lower and upper bound limits. Specify mean and standard deviation delay in ms (to the nearest 10-6ms). Creates Gaussian Jitter.
Step Delay (Latency) per packet Delay steps between a maximum (10s) and minimum value in nanoseconds (ns) incrementing and decrementing by a specified number of ns per packet.
Step Delay (Latency) Periodic Delay varies between a maximum (10s) and minimum value in milliseconds (ms) stepping up and down interval.
Delay (Latency) Scenarios Standard built-in values for predefined situations.
Inter-packet Gap Delay (latency) Aimed at creating Jitter in high speed packet streams by specifying an inter-packet gap between a minimum and maximum (in ns). Fixed base circuit latency can also be specified.
Out Of Order Based on a % probability, place a packet out of order by between a minimum and maximum, up to 1019 packet positions
Maximum Packet Size At least 9000 bytes (Jumbo Frames).
Packet Duplication Based on a % probability, duplicate a packet and then optionally hold the duplicated packet and insert it later (randomly) in the traffic flow
Fragmentation Specify MTU size to fragment packets


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