Installing Eggplant Performance Via the Command Line

The installation of Eggplant Performance and Eggplant Performance Analyzer can be automated using a Windows command line or batch file.

Note: As part of the installation program, you are required to review and agree to comply with the terms of the Keysight EULA. Pay attention to the inclusion of the accept_eula parameters passed on the command line.

For Eggplant Performance (including Studio, Test Controller and a localhost injector alongside all the other apps and utilities), use the following batch file:

msiexec /i eggPlantPerformance9.1.0.XX.msi^

/quiet /qn /norestart^

/L eggPlantPerformance_install.log^


For Eggplant Performance Analyzer, use the following batch file:


--mode unattended^

--prefix "C:\Program Files\eggPlantPerformanceAnalyzer-9.1.0"^

--dblocation "C:\eggplant_performance_database"^

--dbport 38000^

--dbpassword XXXXXXXX^

--enable_db_logging 0^

--accept_eula yes

Important: Technical limitations mean that you cannot use the command line to install a version of Eggplant Performance Analyzer that requires an upgrade of the analysis database. For more information, see Upgrading the Database from Previous Installations in Installing Eggplant Performance Analyzer.

Note: The caret (^) symbols at the end of the lines are for use in a Windows .bat script, to allow the command to span multiple lines for readability. It is possible to omit those symbols and put all parameters on the same line.


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