Managing Eggplant Cloud Injectors

An Eggplant Cloud injector family contains Eggplant Cloud injectors that are provisioned to run Eggplant Performance injector software within the Eggplant Cloud environment. Unlike the other injector family types, you cannot add Eggplant Cloud injectors in the Create an Injector family wizard as Eggplant Cloud dynamically creates the injector for you when running a test. However, you can specify the number of injectors you require when creating a test.

To add Eggplant Cloud injectors in the Test view in Studio, select a test from the Project tree and then double-click the virtual users group to open the Group Specification dialog box. Select the Eggplant Cloud injector family (region) you prefer, and then set the value of the Injector Count spin box to the number of injectors you want to be provisioned when the test runs.

If the virtual users in the VU group are Eggplant Functional virtual users, then there is also an option to dynamically provision SUTs during the test as well as injectors. For more information, see Eggplant Functional Runtime Options.


This topic was last updated on January 13, 2022, at 02:42:23 PM.

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