Injector Families

Injector families let you group common configuration settings when you have multiple similar injector machines. In Eggplant Performance Studio, you can view injector families in the Workspace tree.

There are three types of injector families, which you can see in the Eggplant Performance Studio workspace tree: Static, Eggplant Cloud, and Public Cloud. Each of these types will be described in detail in its own section.

When you create a new workspace, an injector family called This machine is created automatically. Within This machine injector family, an injector called localhost is installed on the same machine as Studio. As you cannot add additional injectors to the This machine family; you must first create another injector family.

Create an injector wizard (Click image to view larger)

Injector families are accessible in the workspace tree.

To create a new injector family, use the Create an Injector Family wizard.


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