Managing Static Injectors

To manage individual static injectors in Eggplant Performance Studio, select the appropriate static injector family in the workspace tree. The injectors in the family are shown in the bottom part of the main Studio window.

Configure static injectors screen

Select an injector in the injector table to edit it. You can select multiple injectors by using Shift+click, or Ctrl+click for non-adjacent items. The buttons in this section provide the following options:

  • Refresh selected: This button lets you test the connection with the given settings; this option can be run with multiple injectors at once. The Status column is updated when the check is complete. When only a single injector is selected, the right pane provides details about the status.
  • Select all: Selects all the injectors in the list.
  • Select none: Clears all selected injectors in the list.
  • Add (+): Use this button to open the Add Injector(s) to Family dialog box.
  • Edit: Use this button to edit or update the hostname or IP address for an injector. Note that this button is active only if a single injector is selected; you can't edit multiple injectors at once. You can change the name or hostname of an injector after it's created.
  • Delete (X): Use this button to delete injectors from the family. This option can be used on multiple items. Note that this action requires confirmation.


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