Mouse Class

The Mouse class enables you to send mouse actions. It includes the following methods:

int ClickPause; // Pause in milliseconds following a mouse click

int DoubleClickPause; // Pause in milliseconds between clicks when double-clicking

void DoubleLeftClick(Point point);

void DoubleLeftClick(int x, int y);

void DoubleMiddleClick(Point point);

void DoubleMiddleClick(int x, int y);

void DoubleRightClick(Point point);

void DoubleRightClick(int x, int y);

void LeftClick(Point point);

void LeftClick(int x, int y);

void MiddleClick(Point point);

void MiddleClick(int x, int y);

void RightClick(Point point);

void RightClick(int x, int y);


point: System.Drawing.point object specifying the location to perform the mouse action.

x: The screen X coordinate in pixels.

y: The screen Y coordinate in pixels

ClickPause: Time in milliseconds between clicks. Default = 10ms

DoubleClickPause: Time in milliseconds to wait following the second click. Default = 500ms


Each WinDriver virtual user has a Mouse object that can be called from directly the scripts.


notepadWindow = FindTopWindow("Untitled - Notepad");


// double click the title bar to maximise the window

Mouse.DoubleLeftClick(notepadWindow.X+50, notepadWindow.Y+5);


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