Wait until the control of the given class is re-created. i.e. has a new window handle.

void WaitForRecreatedControl(Control control, int maxWait);

void WaitForRecreatedControl(Control control);


control: The control object to wait on.

maxWait: The maximum time in milliseconds to wait. If not given, the default wait time is used.

Return Value



When an application recreates a control as a result of an action, this method waits until this operation occurs. This methods polls for a control with the same text and class but with a different window handle. An exception is raised on timeout.


appWindow = FindTopWindow("my Application");

Control searchReasults = appWindow.FindControl("search Items"); // find the control that contains the search results

appWindow.WaitForRecreatedControl(searchResults); // wait for the control to be recreated


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