WinDriver Techniques Comparison

Technique Advantages Disadvantages

Control Class

  • Finding items is fast.
  • Positive actions on the items.
  • Scripts raise an exception if control does not exist.
  • Generally not location dependent.
  • Can operate on non-visible items.
  • May not work as expected on non-standard controls.
  • Only works on controls with a window handle (e.g. not on status bar fields or WPF controls).
  • Limited set of actions e.g. cannot get state of a checkbox.

AutomationControl Class

  • As above except for speed of finding items.
  • Can operate on a greater range of UI items and item properties. Use the Microsoft SDK Inspect tool to identify the items.
  • Highly extensible by directly accessing the AutomationControl .AutomationElement.  Many examples of UI Automation usage from Microsoft and other resources.
  • Control. ToAutomationControl allows easy conversion from Control objects.
  • Searching can be very slow when many UI items or deeply nested.  The API limits the nesting of searched to a  default of MaxSearchDepth (=3).
  • Coding using the Microsoft UI Automation methods can be quite difficult.

SendKeys for input

  • Using keyboard actions, you can just about drive any UI.
  • Simple and very fast.
  • Generally not location-dependent.
  • Easy to type into the wrong control.

Bitmap Matching

  • Works on anything displayed on the screen, including opaque apps such as Java, Flash remote terminals.
  • Eggplant Performance WinSpy can capture bitmap files.
  • Overhead can be high if searching in a large area or for large bitmaps.
  • Capture and replay must be identical color and resolution at pixel level.  Even different graphics cards can alter images.
  • Cannot read text.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Read text from items opaque to Control or AutomationControl classes.
  • Can turn tables into text arrays for easier data extraction.
  • 3rd-party license is required per injector
  • Not always 100% accurate (although usually consistently wrong).
  • CPU overhead can be high.


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