Eggplant Performance Test Controller:
GET Available SUT Measurements Method

This method gets the list of system under test (SUT) measurements that are available for the current test run.



HTTP Method

GET: Gets the list of SUT measurements that are available for the current test run

Response Parameters

The response will be an object with an entry for each available SUT measurement. For each measurement, there will be a list of monitoring targets on which this measurement is available.

Example Request


Example Response


"\\Paging File(_Total)\\% Usage": ["localhost"],

"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Avg. Disk sec/Read": ["localhost"],

"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Disk Writes/sec": ["localhost"],

"\\Processor(_Total)\\% Processor Time": ["localhost"],

"\\TCPv4\\Connections Established": ["localhost"],

"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Disk Reads/sec": ["localhost"],

"\\System\\Processor Queue Length": ["localhost"],

"\\Memory\\Pages/sec": ["localhost"],

"\\Memory\\Available MBytes": ["localhost"],

"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Avg. Disk Queue Length": ["localhost"],

"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\% Disk Read Time": ["localhost"],

"\\Network Interface(Broadcom NetLink [TM] Gigabit Ethernet)\\Bytes Sent/sec": ["localhost"],

"\\Memory\\% Committed Bytes In Use": ["localhost"],

"\\Network Interface(Broadcom NetLink [TM] Gigabit Ethernet)\\Bytes Total/sec": ["localhost"],

"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\Avg. Disk sec/Write": ["localhost"],

"\\Network Interface(Broadcom NetLink [TM] Gigabit Ethernet)\\Bytes Received/sec": ["localhost"],

"\\PhysicalDisk(_Total)\\% Disk Write Time": ["localhost"]



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