Eggplant Performance Test Controller:
GET SUT Measurement Method

This method gets the values of a SUT measurement over the course of the test run.


/test_controller/api/1.0/<workspace>/<project>/<test>/sut_measurements/<SUT measurement name>

HTTP Method

GET: Gets the values of a SUT measurement over the course of the test run

URL Query Parameters

The following can be added to the URL as query parameters:

Parameter Description

A time, expressed in milliseconds since Jan. 1 1970. Only values collected after this time will be returned

bucket_size A time interval, expressed in seconds. Returned data will be resampled to this interval.

Response Parameters

The response will be an object where the entries are timestamps. For each timestamp, there will be an object mapping monitoring targets to the value of the SUT measurement at the timestamp.

Example Request


Example Response


"2016-09-17T07:09:00.000Z": {

"localhost": 7.111


"2016-09-17T07:09:30.000Z": {

"localhost": 11.861


"2016-09-17T07:10:00.000Z": {

"localhost": 9.919


"2016-09-17T07:10:30.000Z": {

"localhost": 8.351




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