Eggplant Performance Test Controller:
GET Test Closedown Progress Method

This method gets progress messages for the closedown of a test.



HTTP Method

GET: Gets progress messages for the closedown of a test

Response Parameters

  • The response is a list of lists, where each list contains:
  • A timestamp
  • A Boolean value indicating success or failure
  • A String containing a message

Example Request


Example Response



["2016-09-17T06:32:11.561000", true, "Closed engine intel.win32.clr4_6.0"],

["2016-09-17T06:32:11.578000", true, "Updated test audit at D:\\workspaces\\Demo Workspace\\projects\\Demo\\runs\\Default Series\\demoScript.6\\TestAudit.xml"],

["2016-09-17T06:32:11.581000", true, "Test stopped successfully"]





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