CitrixVirtualUser StartCitrixClient Method C# API
Create a form that hosts a citrix client

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Citrix
Assembly: fcCitrix (in fcCitrix.dll) Version:

public void StartCitrixClient(
	int clientWidth,
	int clientHeight


Type: System Int32
The width in pixels of the client window
Type: System Int32
The height in pixels of the client window

Starts a Citrix client for the virtual user. This call is only required once per virtual user. When creating a workflow with multiple scripts it is best to ensure this call, and CloseCitrixClient , is only called once per virtual user otherwise the Citrix viewer window is unnecessarily closed and re-created. The best way to achieve this is to move this call to the Custom Virtual User Pre() method and CloseCitrixClient  to Post()
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