SharedData RemoveLast Method C# API
Reads and removes the last value from a value list in the Shared Data Server.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Runtime
Assembly: fc_clr (in fc_clr.dll) Version:

public string RemoveLast(
	string key,
	int timeout


Type: System String
The key against which the data is stored.
Type: System Int32
The maximum time in milliseconds to wait for a value to become available.

Return Value

The last value in the list.


Set the timeout parameter to 0 (zero) to prevent blocking. Use -1 to wait forever. If no list of values exists for key, then the Virtual User thread will be suspended and the call will only return (dependent upon timeout) when a value is read from the Shared Data server. If the connection to the Shared Data Server is lost an exception is raised.

Note Note
The keys are case-sensitive.

Note Note
The value is removed from the list.


The following example demonstrates removing the last value from a list.
using Facilita.Fc.Runtime;
SharedData sharedData = new SharedData(GetString("sharedDataHost", "localhost"), GetInt("sharedDataPort", 5099));
string accountNum = sharedData.RemoveLast("AccNum", 90000); // wait up to 90 seconds for a value
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