VirtualUserScript Pause Method (VirtualUserScript)C# API
Pauses the execution of the script.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Runtime
Assembly: fc_clr (in fc_clr.dll) Version:

public virtual int Pause(
	VirtualUserScript script = null


script (Optional)
Type: Facilita.Fc.Runtime VirtualUserScript

[Missing <param name="script"/> documentation for "M:Facilita.Fc.Runtime.VirtualUserScript.Pause(Facilita.Fc.Runtime.VirtualUserScript)"]

Return Value

The length of time that the script paused for, in milliseconds.

The script pauses for a random number of milliseconds between the minimum and maximum values set in eggPlant Performance Studio. The actual pause time may be altered by the value of PauseFactor or by the runtime options set in eggPlant Performance Studio.
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