VirtualUser Error Method (String, String, String)C# API
Writes an error message and an image link to the VU event log, specifying an identifier which appears in the ID column.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Runtime
Assembly: fc_clr (in fc_clr.dll) Version:

public void Error(
	string id,
	string info,
	string imagePath


Type: System String
the error identifier, which appears in the ID column
Type: System String
an error message which appears in the Info column
Type: System String
the path to an image file (such as a png or bmp). The path should be a relative path.

An error message is written to the VU event log, and then the event log is flushed. The image must be contained within the run directory (as returned by RunPath, and the path passed should be relative to this path.
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