VirtualUser SetProgressPoint Method (String, String, Boolean, VirtualUserScript)C# API
Sets a progress point in the VU event log, specifying whether the progress point passed, and specifying extra information which appears in the Info column.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Runtime
Assembly: fc_clr (in fc_clr.dll) Version:

public void SetProgressPoint(
	string progressPoint,
	string info = "",
	bool pass = true,
	VirtualUserScript script = null


Type: System String
The progress point identifier, which will appear in the Progress Point column in Test Controller.
info (Optional)
Type: System String
Extra information which appears in the Info column.
pass (Optional)
Type: System Boolean
true if the progress point should be interpreted as a pass; otherwise, false.
script (Optional)
Type: Facilita.Fc.Runtime VirtualUserScript
The currently executing VirtualUserScript.

A progress point can be used to indicate that the execution of a script has reached a certain point, or that the application under test is in a certain state. The progressPoint text, and whether it passed or failed will be written to the VU event log, and will appear in Test Controller summary views during the test.

The following example demonstrates setting a progress point to indicate that a logon attempt has taken place, and whether it succeeded or failed.

string response = ....   // the response from the server 
if (response.Contains("Invalid User or Password"))
    SetProgressPoint("logon", response, false);   // logon failed
    SetProgressPoint("logon", response, true);   // logon OK
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