VirtualUser WaitFor T  Method C# API
Returns a reference to an object stored in the data dictionary. If the object is not yet in the data dictionary, then this method will wait for up to the timeout for the object to be added. For example, a foreground script may need to wait for a background script to put an object into the data dictionary before continuing.

Namespace: Facilita.Fc.Runtime
Assembly: fc_clr (in fc_clr.dll) Version:

public T WaitFor<T>(
	string key,
	TimeSpan timeout


Type: System String
The key to be looked up in the dictionary.
Type: System TimeSpan
The maximum amount of time to wait for the object to be added to the dictionary.
Type Parameters

The type of the object to retreive from the data dictionary.

Return Value

An object value held in the dictionary.

TimeoutExceptionThe object was not added to the dictionary before the timeout period elapsed.
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